eric reyes-lamothe





Tranquil waters





These series are inspired by the billboards that can be seen at the streets and highways in Mexico, split into fragments so the lecture of the original image is not legible anymore. Nonetheless, the image has a particular aesthetic.


Water, as it is suggested by the title, is the main subject of the piece. Stagnant water generates vegetation...



The most recent version of Tranquil waters is a big format collage: 16 x 10 feet, commissioned by the Fundación Arturo Herrera Cabañas and it was installed at their facilities in Pachuca with the collaboration of Nadia Islas, Fernanda Miranda y Yolotzin Rosas.





Madrid sketches


Ruins song

2010 - 2011

T E M A S    R E L A C I O N A D O S