eric reyes-lamothe





2008 - 2010



These are a series of three works consisting in paper cut, adhered perpendicularly to the wall. The immateriality of the shadow and its ephemeral nature is combined with the use of a mechanism that emits intermittent light, visually reiterating the flow of time.


To Own Nothing (2008). The sentence is a fragment of an aphorism attributed to the Greek philosopher Diogenes: “To own nothing is the beginning of happiness".


Hola y Adiós (Hello and goodbye). This piece is an allusion to the briefness that can exist between an encounter and a farewell, a metaphor of the political life. (2010)


Estás como ausente (As though you are absent). In this work, the mechanism of intermittent light is activated by a Mexican Constitution book. The sentence is also an extract, in this case of a poem by Pablo Neruda: “I like you when you are quiet because it is as though you are absent”. (2010)



Paper on wall, electric devices, lamps. Thank you to: Fondo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes de Hidalgo, Paola Santoscoy, Ma. del Carmen Carrión, and Miguel Ángel Ortega Olivera.


Walking the car


Each time I break your heart, I repair it (and it gets worse)


R E L A T E D   I T E M S