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Library of plants




This Project was made in the Contemporary Arts Seminar of the Art Institute, UAEH. Looking for spaces to show the final exhibition, we had in mind the notion of abandonment. We looked towards a building under construction nearby the Dificultad Mine, in Real del Monte. The ambitious architectonic project was frozen in time, becoming a “modern ruin”.


It was interesting for us, since it is not the kind of ruins yearning for the “better times”; it is an unfinished construction so it has its gaze in the future; it is monumental and, even when it breaks up with the style and dimensions of the surrounding houses, it became a spatial reference that inevitably can be looked at from different points of the town; its aspect –at the same time in process and in decadence– seems not to be the most suitable to contain works of art, as it does not suggest a conventional beauty.


My intervention proposal was to use part of the facilities as an interior garden. I asked a group of neighbors to donate plants for vegetative reproduction. I reused materials for the flowerpots and asked someone to build a piece of furniture inspired on the wooden steps of the traditional houses of Real del Monte.


I am interested on the ways that the libraries shelter books, cramped against each other. Inspired on this accumulation, I distributed the plants so the visitor of the exhibition could easily take one example from the shelves; in this way, the viewer becomes a distributor of the vegetable variety of the area.





Wood structure, plants and video.


Las aves no tenemos miedo | We birds have no fear from Eric Reyes-Lamothe on Vimeo.

Water stones


Notes on environment


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